Creating art as a means of transforming an idea into something visual and tangible is a challenging endeavor. However, the personal angst and vulnerability inherent in the process of conceptualizing, formulating and executing a new piece is energizing. How to best tell a story, elicit emotion and engage a response are some of the components of my creative consciousness. I approach art as I do life, with a holistic philosophy. 

     From my perspective as a visual artist, the intent and desired effect of a completed piece dictate its form and the materials I use to create it.  Each work of art has an inherent identity and level of intensity. Nothing should appear forced or contrived. The placement of elements and colors that may appear random are deliberate. My methods are both experimental and experiential, combining techniques both new and traditional. I continually extract from a plethora of knowledge, skills and mediums. How world opinion, cultural mores and human behavior influence the psyche intrigues me. My art derives from these core principles, as well as observations of the codependency of the organic and inorganic. 

     In addition to using digital photography, graphic design and three dimensional components, I am developing concepts that incorporate encaustic. This challenging medium allows me to create depth and movement through texture, color, transparency, and luminosity. Abstract interpretations are achieved using macro and deconstructed perspectives. By manipulating, layering, scraping and incising, I am able to produce a piece that is graphic, abstract, figurative or realistic in representation. 

     A successful piece engages the viewer in some way, whether it initiates thought or provokes a reaction.